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MLM or Multi-level marketing or network marketing is all about selling products directly to the customers or recruiting people who buy your product from you to sell it to other people. This concept has gained popularity as it is a great method to promote business and sell products through “word of mouth marketing”. It isn’t possible to manage the MLM business manually without an automated system, which gives rise to the requirement of an MLM software that manages the overall functioning of the business from sophisticated downline management to the complicated financial calculations, including managing accounts, maintaining the records of all the clients and recruits along with the daily sales, revenue, commission, payments, structures and levels to list a few.

DreamSoft4u is a leading

MLM software development company


end-to-end MLM software solutions

that manages all the operations like member administration, sales, inventory management, commissions, income distributions and much more for small sized to enterprise-level companies. Our MLM software’s state-of-the-art features along with our high-quality services and support make us a world-class

MLM software provider

, delivering customized solutions to the multi-level marketing companies across the globe. Our

custom MLM software solutions

offer many advantages like better promotional activities, customized reports, automated accounting, increased visibility and detailed status of clients to list a few.

We design customized MLM software for your business with different MLM plans as per your precise requirements be it simple binary plan or uni-level plan by adopting the latest technologies. As a renowned MLM software development company, we ensure best-in-the-class security standards and flexible features and functionalities. Our experienced team of developers are highly-skilled holding immense expertise in building robust and scalable MLM software, providing seamless customer support and efficiently handling support requests.

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Our MLM Software for Various Plans

Binary Plan

MLM Binary plan is the simplest and widespread plan based on the two legs network growth, with each new member either joining on the left or right side of the Binary Tree Structure.

Australian Binary Plan

In the Australian Binary MLM Plan members are independent to choose options to refer more than two directs. They can create additional parallel legs apart from the left and right.

Uni-Level Plan

The MLM Uni-level plan allows you to recruit new comers in the front line, so everyone is on your forehead. There’s no width limit on this plan and each member can recruit as many members in his downline.

Matrix Plan/Forced Matrix Plan

This plan consists of fixed width and depth, the matrix restricts the number of members you can recruit on your first level, usually to less than five.

Board Plan

The MLM Board plan is a 2X2 Matrix also known as 2X2 Matrix Cycle, with a group of affiliates working in a team called the Board. The affiliates are limited to two member legs on the first level and two level depths in the downline.

Step Plan

The Step plan moves on in steps ranging from three to nine. There is a clear-cut plan in the approach and the commission is paid at each level by the company.

Stairstep Plan/Breakaways Plan

In the Stairstep plan the representatives are responsible for both personal as well as group sales volume. Every step is based on a certain volume of sales target, and achieving that leads to promotion to the next level.

Generation Plan

Best suited for the manufacturer of the consumable products, the Generation plan allows distributors to earn money from every new purchasing or repurchasing of company’s products.

Gift Plan

Also known as Donation plan, this is the new version of MLM where a person gets the benefit by gifting or donating to others. The concept is to gift one member and receive multiple gifts from many other members.

Recharge Plan

In the Recharge plan, customers can become a distributor to recharge the mobile or DTH networks. In the MLM recharge plan affiliates can start a new business and earn by recharging others’ mobile or DTH.

Shopping Cart Website

Shopping cart website for MLM software allows MLM networkers to become proprietors. They can purchase products and services from the MLM shopping portal and sell them to other clients, earning profit on the sale.

MLM Development- Offerings

  • MLM Mobile Applications
  • MLM Software Web Applications
  • MLM eCommerce Integration
  • MLM Plans Consultancy
  • Multilingual Support
  • Online Payment Processing
  • SMS and E-Mail Integrator
  • E-Wallet System
  • Self-Replicated Websites
  • CMS System Add-On
  • Backup System
  • Support System
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