DreamSoft4u offers tailored application delivery models to provide flexibility to the businesses for their onshore and offshore needs. Whether outsourcing is the part of the business strategy for cost reduction or the plan is to have onshore development, our various delivery models designed based on the customer-centric approach, will fulfil clients’ business requirements. Customer driven excellence is one of the core values of DreamSoft4u and our delivery models are designed with global customers in the mind.

Our Onsite Delivery Model, Offsite Delivery Model, Offshore Delivery Model, Hybrid Delivery Model and Global Delivery Model offer complete customer flexibility resulting in engagements based on trust, transparency and efficiency. These delivery models are designed to suit the varying needs of the clients and their various business scenarios and goals. By partnering with us, the clients get access to a large pool of talented, skilled and experienced professionals who have expertise in delivering high-quality solutions and services.

Onsite Delivery Model

Under the onsite delivery model the development companies position their resources on the clients’ site. There is a continuous interaction with the clients’ team right from the requirement gathering phase to providing support and maintenance. The only difference for the client is that their tasks are completed by a team of service providers within their own premises instead of their own employees.

DreamSoft4u offers onsite delivery model, where our expert team has face-to-face interaction with the clients and the documentation of requirements is carried out simultaneously. The clients have the maximum control over the team’s time, productivity, project timelines and deliveries with no communication gap.

Offsite Delivery Model

In this model, we operate an office that is close to the client’s site. We are located within the same city/country as that of the client. This model ensures that the team has face-to-face interaction with the client on a regular basis for better understanding of their needs, ensuring successful and timely delivery of robust solutions. This model is preferred when the requirements of the clients are not well defined and changes are expected.

Offsite model is useful when it isn’t possible for the client to accommodate the development company’s team all of a sudden when the requirement arises. Physical proximity helps them to exercise significant control over the team and promises better coordination with them.

Offshore Delivery Model

This model works great for clients who are looking for outsourcing their work to offshore teams. DreamSoft4u helps its clients to fully leverage the benefits of this model by ensuring continuous and responsive communication, thus removing the hindrances that a remote geographical location can cause to the project. We provide access to the latest technology and skilled resources for the success of your offshore project, giving you great cost benefits.

The work done by our teams is continuously monitored and controlled through our project management tools. We regularly update our clients about the project’s progress by periodic and scheduled meetings through world-class communication channels. Our project managers work diligently in tandem with the team to ensure transparency and timely delivery of high-quality solutions.

Hybrid Delivery Model

Hybrid model integrates the benefits of both onsite and offshore delivery models, providing cost-efficiency of the offshore model along with ensuring face-to-face contact, important for streamlined communication. As there is direct interaction with the client through on-site center, there are no possibilities of communication gap and the service provider also gets a clearer picture of the clients’ requirements.

DreamSoft4u’s hybrid delivery model gives transparent project status and establishes clear and seamless communication, along with offering the cost advantage of having an offshore team. We provide access to the best technology and skilled resources to our clients, helping them interact with the on-site team and eliminating their requirement of investing in infrastructure and manpower.

Global Delivery Model

Global Delivery Model is the best option for clients who want to take complete involvement in the project and see how the end solution is like, making all the stakeholders a part of it. The teams work as a part of the same country, not as separate teams in different countries. This model is apt for big projects, expected to continue for long, requiring sufficient skilled resources and seamless communication, overcoming time-zone differences.

DreamSoft4u helps the clients to keep running 24/7; our teams removing the time-zone barriers and ensuring round-the-clock productivity as per the time-zone, location and convenience of the clients. We can assist you in achieving your strategic business objectives through our global delivery model, by striking proper balance between quality, efficiency, experience, skills and collaboration, leading to business agility.

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