Cargo and Shipping Solutions

Cargo and shipping industry is considered to be slow to change or adopt new technology, missing out on monetizing innovations. This industry can reap high benefits by using IT solutions that can impact their bottom lines positively by solving logistics problems, get disaster recovery options and streamline their operations. They are in need of business processes and IT systems that can support them proactively, efficiently and flexibly. DreamSoft4u understands their requirements and holds rich experience in building solutions for ocean freight shipping, intermodal trucking, freight forwarding, container control, cargo operations and logistics, and port facility processing.

We take care of the imperative aspects of the cargo and shipping firms, focussing on cost optimization, streamlining and unlocking value in supply chain processes, while ensuring customer orientation. Our tailored

cargo and shipping industry solutions

assist in carrying out all the functions like warehousing, inventory management and global shipping of the ship spare-parts, helping them fulfil the time-critical consignments. Our Cloud solutions make it easier for

cargo and shipping companies

to collaborate across the company and with the outside companies at different locations on varied projects. We are a reliable partner for shipping companies, ship owners, shipyards, ship chandlers and suppliers of marine spare parts, delivering comprehensive solutions by fulfilling their precise needs.

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Our Solutions’ Highlights

Shipping Software

Our robust shipping software can help you ship faster, streamline operations, reduce costs, give real-time event reporting, manage the lifecycle of your assets and equipment and optimize transportation resources.

Ship Owning Solutions

Ship Owning companies can count on our tailored shipping solutions, professionalism in ship management, extensive knowledge base and global presence to deliver world-class solutions.

Contract Logistics

Our contract logistics solutions integrate the operations of warehousing and transporting, scaling them to market conditions and clients’ specific needs.

Logistic Solutions

We enable the logistic service providers to increase delivery reliability, lower transportation costs, and streamline operations through our robust shipment management solutions.

E-commerce Logistics

Our logistic solutions help e-commerce businesses to bring an end in their shipping hassles by shipping globally and ensuring their shipments is delivered safely to the customers.

Supply Chain Solutions

Our solutions help you to monitor and manage large and complex supply chain orders. You can standardize incoming POs, consolidate goods for different orders into a single consignment and monitor supply against the order.

Security Solutions

We benefit port authorities through intelligent video surveillance and perimeter control, making the ports safer and reducing security risks. We also ensure security in equipment, terminal and cargo transfers.

Marine Risk Management

Our marine risk management is integrated with our commercial insurance network, giving marine industry the capability to carry out risk assessments on all their aspects.

Disaster Recovery

Rough seas and storms make the cargo and shipping industry vulnerable of natural disasters. We ensure fast, secure and reliable backup for ships that store their data on-board.

GPS Tracking

Our GPS solutions for shipping companies help businesses in tracking their shipment from location to location, providing enhanced visibility of assets in-transit and ensuring maximum security and efficient practices.

Shipment Tracking for Clients

Our shipping tracking solutions help clients in tracking shipment of their orders, showing the latest delivery statuses of all their orders including full tracking information with detailed activity.
How DreamSoft4u Benefits Cargo & Shipping Industry?

Meeting Challenges

Our solutions allow optimization in ship operations and help utilize networked automation solutions to boost efficiency. You can maintain competitiveness throughout the ship’s life cycle, preserve the environment, save on costs and simplify on-board equipment.

Increased Performance

We can enable you to improve performance, safety, and reliability. Our solutions allow real-time processing of all relevant information from ship’s operations to support decision-making. Our high-quality solutions ensure lower costs, higher availability and shorter downtimes.

Operational Efficiency


cargo and shipping solutions

help increase operational efficiency and manage cargo, facilities and equipment in real-time. We can help you reduce empty container trips, effectively manage freight logistics demand, coordinate the movement of the cargo, optimize transfers between modes of transport and support you in your business strategies.

Maximized Revenues

We help cargo and shipping companies to increase and retain profitable clients, introduce new services to the market quickly, increase productivity, improve terminal performance, enhance cargo throughput and reduce terminal costs, helping you maximize revenues.
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