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The HealthCare industry is in the state of flux, witnessing rapid changes with the expansion of digitization in both the provider and payer segments. This has made the industry consider reassessing and modernizing their current systems as well as adopt new technology capabilities for consumerization and cost-effectiveness. DreamSoft4u enables HealthCare industry to reimagine their business and transform their operations and technology, to become consumer-oriented and improve the quality and outcome of the services. Our custom HealthCare and fitness industry solutions are available on-premise or in the Cloud, as per clients’ specific needs.

You can leverage our HealthCare IT solutions to meet the complex needs of your HealthCare payer or provider organizations and your patients. We help you transform patient care by providing solutions that cover everything including HealthCare analytics and electronic medical and health reports. You can leverage the benefit of leading technologies through our HealthCare software and improve the overall experience of the patients. From creating a lean supply chain, to securely connecting all clinical and operational information, our HealthCare solutions enable consumer engagement, insights-driven decision-making, and operations and cost effectiveness in organizations.

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Our Solutions’ Highlights

HealthCare IT

We help our HealthCare clients to adapt key processes such as product development, membership and billing claims processing, and customer service operations to the dynamic HealthCare environment.

HIPAA Compliant Solutions

Our solutions are HIPAA compliant, having control on who can access systems and applications, providing full security to files and controlling sharing of documents with PHI.

Patient Data Management

Our solutions help in managing the data of the patients effectively, increasing the quality of the data, improving efficiency and sustaining flexibility.

EMR/EHR Solutions

You can easily build and access electronic health and medical reports through our EMR solutions, providing tools to help you manage your organization with optimal efficiency.

Web-based EHR

Our web-based EHR solutions offer easy access to patient data and records from anywhere through an internet connection, with secure and backed up data, ensuring cost reduction.

Health Information Exchange

We enable secure and seamless data sharing through our extensible and robust solutions, leading to secure exchange of electronic health information.

Billing Solutions

We can help you to improve cash flow by handling patient administration and billing more effectively through our billing solutions.

HealthCare Claims

Our solutions help HealthCare payers in designing, transforming and running end-to-end claims operations to achieve efficiency in back as well as front-office operations.

Patient Engagement Solutions

You can engage patients to create patient-centred care encouraging better

health and wellness management

, thus improving the experience of patients, providers and caregivers.

Care Delivery

You can improve patient care by supporting timely, transparent, and successful response to patient needs through our automated patient data management.

Coded Clinical Records

Our solutions provide completely coded clinical records for better clinical management. Our integrated medical coding platform ensures integrity of data while improving operational effectiveness.


Our PACS server software is robust, working flawlessly with a powerful database engine, capable of storing millions of high-quality DICOM images, easily viewable on our DICOM viewer, these images being retrievable from the PACS server easily.

HL 7 Solutions

Our HL 7 solutions have inbuilt rule engine to check for message compliance, providing complete automation of the validation process and reducing the efforts in testing, thus ensuring quick time-to-market.

Data Integration

Our professionals effectively integrate multiple clinical systems to improve collaboration, engagement and quality of care, along with achieving cost reduction.

Tele Health Solutions

We also provide telehealth options, delivering health services, training and providing health information remotely and allowing your physicians to track patients’ health from afar through our real-time

telehealth solutions


Mobility Solutions

We give the HealthCare organizations access to patients’ data on handheld devices anywhere, anytime, ensuring quick view of patients’ history, lab results, medical records etc.

Health Intelligence

Our health intelligence solutions can help HealthCare organizations gain real-time insights into their clinical operations to improve quality and controls costs.
How DreamSoft4u Benefits HealthCare & Fitness Industry?

Improved Efficiency

We reimagine the operations of HealthCare providers to reduce cost and drive customer-satisfaction. We help the HealthCare payers improve the quality of care for patients while improving efficiency, retaining customers and providing agility.



HealthCare and fitness solutions

ensure operational excellence by providing real-time access to relevant information at the point of care and enabling information exchange among patients and care providers, thus providing full visibility and transparency in operations.

Personalized Experience

We hold expertise in delivering high-value care and personalized patient interaction and experience from prevention to diagnosis and treatment. Our personalized HealthCare strategy and solutions promise to address not just the cost and quality challenges by reducing inefficiencies but also to improve outcomes and innovation.

Addressing Challenges

We help HealthCare industry to address their on-going challenges, ensuring they are at the cutting edge of digital, analytics, care management and mobility services and solutions. We can help you manage costs and find ways to grow more profitably, making it possible for you to reengineer your business.
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