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Objective:Bettermynd is developed to connect two end users via video call. Here student can book their schedule to counselor and start their meeting on video call and discuss  their concerns.

BetterMynd is on a mission to make mental health resources more accessible to college students everywhere. Through our network of counselors and our teletherapy capabilities, BetterMynd provides students with the resources and privacy they need.


Technologies Used for Brandize:

Zoom api fo meetings(video call).

SendInBlue feature to track outgoing emails.

Google analytics to track website activity.

Cron jobs to control user’s meetings.

Server Side: Codeigniter (PHP Based Framework), MySQL.

Payment integration (Stripe Payment).

Our Role

Students can login to their college’s unique BetterMynd portal and see the bios, specialties, and availabilities of all of the different counselors who have been approved to be a part of the BetterMynd network. When it’s time for their teletherapy session, the student is able to connect from anywhere they can bring their laptop or mobile device.


Key Features for BetterMynd:

  • College Partnerships
  • Secure Payments
  • Counselors Management
  • 24 Hour Scheduling
  • College Partnerships
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy Student Management

Key benefits for BetterMynd:

  • Greater student accessibility to mental health resources.
  • Options for long-term counseling.
  • Improved mental health of student body.
  • Access to a more diverse set of counselors and counseling specialties.
  • More privacy for students who don’t want to go into a counseling center.
  • Reduces the strain on the college’s on-campus counselors.
  • Provides ease-of-mind to students, prospective students, and their parents.
  • Simpler and more transparent referral process.
  • Reduces or eliminates counseling center wait lists

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