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Objective:Brandize is developed to customized image on jpeg, png, mp4, pdf files. User can write any text and image on any file(jpeg, png, pdf, mp4) and save it on the same application and download this modified files at any time from the dashboard.

This is an easy platform that provides access to marketing materials, such as flyers, banner ads, postcards and videos etc., for individual users to personalize.

BRANDIZEwill offer this brand management system where admin accounts can either "Design" or upload "custom" template, and users have limited access to personalize each template that is assigned to their "Group".


Technologies Used for Brandize:

  • PDF to PNG, Jpeg to png conversion ImageMagick & ghostscript.
  • html2canvas for preview jpeg & png file.
  • jsPDF - PDF Document creation from JavaScript.
  • Deal with multipage pdf using FPDF & FPDI liabrary.
  • Use FFmpeg library for dealing with videos to decodeencodetranscode, mux, demux, stream, filterand playpretty videos.
  • Server Side: Codeigniter (PHP Based Framework), MySQL.
  • Payment integration (Credit Card via or paypal).


Key Features for Brandize:

  • Easily manage company branded materials.
  • Quickly create branded ads for both web and print.
  • Users can edit templates, customize and save them.
  • Monthly/Annually Membership Subscription plan.
  • Save Money using an enterprise material management system that’s scalable with user based pricing.
  • Save Time by Allowing Users Manage their Contact Info and Select Materials On-Demand.

Key benefits for Brandize:

  • Upload Image Files and Videos as Templates, Or Choose From a Library of Themed Templates.
  • Maintain Control Over All of Your Branded Materials and Messaging.
  • Super admin grant access to users who join in groups to customize/preview template.
  • Primary account Admin and company admin give track of template accessed by their user and groups.
  • Create new templates with just a few clicks by adding company default colors, copywriting, photos and more.

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