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Legacy Gold is a gold selling company and the solution provides Ecommerce platform to its users to purchase gold from small sizes such as 1 gram to no upper limit. The users can have two types of accounts; currency account and bullion account. Currency account is an online E-wallet into (and out of) which client can transfer cash in transactions with the company. Bullion account is an account where gold is held for user that is a storage account where gold can be held in Bailment account as a part of larger bar or in vault as a single bar (for gold above 10 g). In addition, the solution also offers MLM opportunities for its users and let them use the system by becoming either Client Affiliate or Independent Bullion Consultant (IBC). The website has strong MLM plan and pays commission down to 8 levels. There are other features as well like various types of commission offered to IBC along with various ranks allocated to them based on earnings.


  • The solution offers gold bar to its users on different buying rates depending on user status and the amount of gold to be purchased. The rates vary for clients/affiliates and IBC.
  • The website offers 5 types of commissions to its users: Retail Commission, Consultant Bonus, Group Development Bonus, Gold Bonus and Founder’s Bonus. Each bonus has a set plan and characteristic and allotted accordingly.
  • The IBC can enjoy 11 types of ranks in the system: Consultant, Group Consultant, Manager, Group Manager, Executive, Group Executive, Director, Group Director, Silver Director, Gold Director, Platinum Director
  • The users have their own dashboards based on their nature and can access to various features.
  • The users who join as a referral are placed as immediate node of referrer.

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