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CQM innovative design leverages the generation of patient records using nationally recognized standards from a provider's EHR to produce the clinical quality measure reports. Specifically, system leverages the QRDA Category 1 standard for representing patient data in EHR systems. System integrates with multiple EHR systems and will easily scale as clinical quality measures are added. EHR vendors and healthcare providers using clinical repositories for storing patient-level data may directly integrate with analytic and leverage its open source quality measure engine.

System was designed to be an informative and empowering tool for healthcare providers and their practice. The sample report below illustrates a CQM dashboard for a practice. The Clinical Quality Measure percentages for the population are shown in the main frame. With system valuable information on the patient population and the CQM criteria are a single click away.



  • Designed for reporting clinical quality measures for Meaningful Use of health IT.
  • Stratification: Stratifies patient populations by race, ethnicity, language and gender.
  • Population Analysis
  • Aggregate data from electronic health records (EHR) to generate clinical quality measure reports
  • Empowers providers: Offers at-a-glance indication of the documented performance for each measure.
These reports provide physicians with a better understanding of the overall health of their patient population and the ability to identify opportunities to improve the care provided.

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