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Businesses always search for the apps offering optimum user experience, quick to market and run on maximum platform or devices. Since, the Hybrid mobile apps have become the most effective channel of achieving business goals, it requires the capable tech partner such as Dreamsoft4u .

We are a React Native Development Company developing apps that run on Android, iOS, Windows, and other known platforms offering native UI experience. We create extremely convincing “Native” Hybrid mobile applications with React Native.


Why React Native?

It is an open-source framework developed by Facebook covering Android and iOS along with other platforms. With Reach Native, the developers do not require creating Web View components while Hybrid mobile app development. React Native builds reusable UI blocks offering native user experience. Unlike Hybrid frameworks, React uses the approach that is more agile and renders look quickly and increases performance of native app. Therefore, React Native has become more popular among the IT professionals and businesses.

  • Open Source
  • Rapid development
  • Re-useable code
  • Rich ecosystem
  • Highly Portable
  • Better scalability

Interesting Facts About Mobile App

  • The development of a native app can atke from 4 to 12 week
  •  React Native is the most popular tool for app development
  • 85% of the user native apps to web ones

Best Tools And Combinations Of React Native App Development

  • Firebase
  • Redux
  • Webpack
  • Android Studio
  • nodeJs
  • Xcode

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