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The upshots developed on SaaS platform has made a vivid impact on web, the data evolved from SaaS application and online social media services leaded to the growth of Cloud Computing and the demand of rapid hosting. Our team has successfully utilized many SaaS based applications and have been able to help our customers by optimizing cost and scale up by employing cloud hosting.

The initialization process in SaaS involves understanding of the business goals, competitive advantages, tasks for user and designing of information. We initiate conversations with our stakeholders for a better understanding of the business requirements, behavior and needs of users. On the basis of this understanding the foundation for development of Optimal SaaS user experience is laid.


Our Approach:

  • Discovery and Strategy
  • User Experience Architecture
  • Visual Design
  • Agile Development
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Analytics and Measurement

We have helped our clients in developing, customizing, implementing enhancing and supporting their systems and as per their unique business need.

Through our clients we have worked across various EMR/EHR software and other open source based EMR/EHRs. We have also made significant contributions in terms of code and played a crucial role in getting the software MU certified.

How can you benefit from us?

As an EHR/EMR products vendor you can take benefits of our following services:

  • Development/Customization/Enhancement: Develop modules, enhance UI, customize forms, design and develop comprehensive SAAS systems, etc.,
  • Product QA: Extensive testing to ensure your product functions as planned
  • Meaningful use Consultation: We ensure an extensive level of gap analysis of your product, delivering detailed report and provide a demonstration of your system to the certification body for the purpose of certifying the system
  • ICD-10 transition: We ensure your customers are helped by getting their claims paid and avoid any hindrance in the business process as we provide ICD-10 ready products
  • Integration: Integrate with e-prescription, billing systems, PMS and other clinical applications
  • Security: Implementation of single sign-on
  • Database performance: Fine tune DB performance

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