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Tele-Health Portal is built to serve public domain by providing details about Providers (Doctors) with their demographics, contact, history, experience and other details those are required to make decision for a patient to select the provider for appointment.



  • Complete NPI Data
  • Timely auto update data from Govt. sources
  • Appointment system
  • Provider search tool with fuzzy text, specialization, address, zip-zcode and name
  • Geo-location to locate provider and get direction
  • Rating and review based search decision to provider the records
  • Provider directories based on specialization, city and states


  • Save the cost of travel and expense of staying in the ‘big city’
  • No need to take leaves from work to see a specialist based to their availability
  • More efficient practices by seeing distal patients
  • Eases provider shortages by serving more patients
  • Quicker access to Specialists for consults
  • More control over services being offered

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