DreamSoft4u believes in building long-term strategic partnership with its clients. In the modern technological environment, customers expect flexibility in the services, that best suits their business requirements. At the same time, they face the dilemma of choosing a suitable pricing model that fits their business’ budget, requirements and performance goals. Pricing models plays an important role in forming a successful relationship between the clients and the service provider company by aligning to the expectations and interests of both.

There are several pricing models for development projects and clients can choose the one, which strikes the right balance between their expectations of timeliness and price and their requirements. To help clients in their selection, we provide several pricing models to ensure that they have profitable alliance with us. Customers get an option to select any of the pricing models that we offer: Fixed Price, Time and Material and Risk-Reward. We ensure both, trustworthy relationship and flexibility in case of your engagement requirements.

Time & Material

Time and Material model is best-fit for long-term projects that use Agile method of development, where there are dynamically changing requirements and undefined scope of work. The pricing here is based on the time and material used in the completion of the project. This model offers greater flexibility, allowing modification in the project requirements as per the changing business needs and scenarios. DreamSoft4u continuously interacts with clients and brings changes in the requirements accordingly, thus exceeding their expectations and ensuring the success of the model.

In this model, customers have complete control over both deliverables and the budget and they are assured of getting a robust quality and well-tested application. Time and Material model assures of minimal risk in the project and a simple and transparent method of calculating the cost, according to the time spent by the team. DreamSoft4u provides skilled resources under the Time and Material model and the development effort is billed regularly based on amutually agreed hourly rate.

Fixed Price Model

Fixed Price Model is generally used in small and medium level software development projects where requirements are clearly laid out and there are defined timelines. The price for the project is decided at the start. This pricing model is best suited for the projects having clear scope and objectives. To ensure the success of this model, DreamSoft4u creates a detailed outline of work to be done within a specific timeframe based on the periodic deliverables.

Fixed Price Model doesn’t require continuous supervision from the clients as the requirements are pre-defined. It is a low-risk option too for the customers, as the project is completed and delivered within a fixed time and budget. The requirements are well-documented and generally don’t change during the course of project development and implementation. DreamSoft4u properly studies and analyzes clients’ requirements and then quotes an appropriate price for it, ensuring timely delivery of high-quality services.

Risk Reward Model

This model is an entrepreneurial approach, allowing the clients and the service provider to collectively fund new development projects. DreamSoft4u shares the financial rewards as well as the risks of the development projects with the new ventures, ensuring high level of trust and strong governance. Risk & Reward model is generally adopted when the development company sees an opportunity for reward from the new venture and the clients foresee the potential benefits from the project, understanding the value it will bring to the company.

In Risk & Reward model too the scope of work is clearly defined just like Fixed Price Model. A true Risk & Reward model aligns the interests of both the client and the development company enabling financial accountability. DreamSoft4u sees this model as an opportunity to come up with the ideas to improve the business and simultaneously spread the financial risk between both the parties, thus creating a long-lasting relationship with the clients based on trust.

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