Best React Native Mobile App Development Guide 2022

Native mobile app development

Digitalization has paved the way for many startups and big ventures to reach a more significant population segment. Native mobile app development has become the new normal to do any business online and get the proper visibility. With around 3.48 million apps registered on the play store, it’s already proved that smartphone apps are a new marketing tactic to engage customers.    In the same row of development, react native mobile app development came into context. It is an open-source platform founded by Meta Platforms, Inc. It was released in the…

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How to Develop A Chat App in Flutter using Firebase?

How to Develop A Chat App in Flutter

Chat apps have blown away the market by storm. With 2 billion users utilizing WhatsApp every month, app development companies have started building chat applications. In addition to it, companies are offering customization or bespoke solutions to fulfil their user’s needs. Today, the article will discuss how to develop a Chat app in Flutter using firebase?.  Flutter was announced in the year 2017 by the tech giant Google. It supports C, C++, Dart languages. The platform is utilized to build cross-platform applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, etc. It…

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Choosing Between Ready-Made and Custom EHR Solutions


When selecting the correct EHR approach, medical organizations will face some difficulties. A health organization is distinct, and there are several variables that may be dependent on criteria. Learn about the difference between ready-made and Custom EHR solutions if you are not sure what to use for your company. What is An EHR System? EHR, meaning ‘electronic software for health information,’ is identical to EMR. The key difference between EHR and EMR, though, is that there is far more provided by EHR schemes. EHR programs gather information from various outlets…

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What is Care Coordination – Patient-Centered Care


Patient-centred care, also known as client-centred care, is a holistic approach to healthcare that focuses on the quality of personal, professional, and organizational relationships. This care model encourages shared decision-making and active participation from all parties and its key goal is to improve individual health outcomes by building a relationship between patients, care teams, families, and providers that encourages. Patient-centred care is offering a new look to healthcare that resists simple summation. But there are a few reliable core ideas that guide this new style of care and in this…

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How to Convert Android & iOS App to React Native


React Native is a technology stack that has been around since February 2015. It was put to sea by the tech giant Facebook itself at the ReactJS conference. Just after a month i.e. March 2015, React Native was welcomed as the new open-source platform. The platform does not need any kind of language. Developers producing apps can write native code in Java or Objective-C language. The article is a guide to Convert Android & iOS App to React Native? Read all the information carefully. React Native being the open-source platform…

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Why Consultants choose Dreamsoft4u as Telemedicine Partner


May be, in next 10-15 years there is a global shortness of nearly 90 million software engineers, a research said this. Consultants become your fan, if you are having great IT skills and technical ability especially in the healthcare technical industry. , In short, if you have the ability to impress your client and met them their demands on time they won’t take risk to go other company. And, Dreamsoft4u feels that they have the skills to impress their client that’s why healthcare consultants choose us as the Telemedicine Partner.…

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HIPAA Compliant Guidelines on Telemedicine


WHAT IS HIPAA? HIPAA is the acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which Congress passed in 1996. HIPAA does the following: Provides the ability for millions of American workers and their families to transfer and continue health insurance coverage once they change or lose their jobs Decreases fraud and violence of health-care Mandates industry-wide health care information standards regarding electronic billing and other processes; Needs the protection and confidential handling of protected health information HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules After HIPAA officially became law, the United States…

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MEAN Stack vs. MERN Stack: What Do You Choose?

Mobile app development has brought itself to the next level. Together, many technologies are being used to develop mobile apps or web apps with excessive characteristics. A “stack” may refer to any mixture of languages and technologies for programming. Two key types of stacks are available, i.e. stacks of technologies and application stacks. Simply placed, in a software development phase, technology stacks indicate a cross-disciplinary approach. In this article, we will focus on understanding three of the most common stacks of technology, their viability, and qualities that make them ideal…

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Type of Medical Website Design that Completes You…

Healthcare Website Design

In this Digital ERA, websites are very important for healthcare providers and their practice, but some of the physicians do not understand exactly what kind of website they undertake. A physician website is not only for marketing but for sharing information, for developing a relationship, set up a reputation and also for supporting the services to approach their TG. But here the question arise “what exactly should valuable Medical Website Design accomplish for you” and “which design you think would do that wonder”… In US, majority of adults are using the internet…

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9 Effective Tips for Managing an Offshore Software Development Company


Offshore Software Development is the method of designing software solutions where the owner of the company assigns all or part of the development tasks to a third party. The key reasons for using such an approach are typically lack of specialists with the appropriate qualification level and/or lack of the human capital needed to develop software. It’s no easy job to find a highly skilled and professional Offshore Software Development Company in a small budget. It is self-evident that professionals with great experience and skills would need a handsome package.…

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