Simple Steps To Submit App On Google Play Store

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The utility of smartphones is expanding day by day, with around 60% of people utilizing them. People have seen taking their cell phones by their sides during their sleep too. Therefore, it becomes very crystal clear that smartphones are the next big thing after human life. Upload an app to google play is a very great topic in today era and today we discuss it. Today, you may find an application for almost any other task. From getting groceries to getting medicines, everything is available through applications. The source of…

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Top 11 React Native Common Mistakes

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Are you a react native developer? Have you encountered any mistakes during app development? If yes, then this article is dedicated to such react native common mistakes. The success of react-native lies in the contribution of 1.6K active contributors. There is no other way to deny the fact that React Native is a widely accepted phenomenon among developers and entrepreneurs.   When things are accepted widely, it becomes obvious to encounter some errors, bugs, or blunders. It is only possible when the platform is used several times and the team keeps…

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Which is easier Android or iOS Development?


Mobile phones have become the cornerstone of society today, and they come with lots of technological innovation. Some mobile phones are so advanced today that it’s like carrying in one’s pocket an advanced computing device. Mobile apps have come into being to cater to the advanced needs of mobile users. Those apps are made using today’s most powerful and dynamic mobile platforms. Development platforms, like as Symbian, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and IOS, are available for many today. But Google’s Android platform is moving forward by leaps and bounds, and its…

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How to make an On Demand Car Wash Mobile App


In today’s world, the concept of the On-Demand car wash app is becoming very popular among peoples. If someone wishes he/she can have his / her car washed, the long queues can be avoided, the time spent on booking the service and waiting for your turn can be let go by installing one on-demand car wash mobile app which will be your ultimate solution. The On-Demand idea has offered many fans of startups. Here we’ll focus on the how to make on-demand car wash mobile app and cost of app…

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Matrimony App Development – Features, Cost and Process

As you know in this world peoples are more social active and they make friends on social channels like Facebook, Instagram to connect with them. So, in this technology world everything is available online then how marriage can stay behind from this list. Nowadays people want to find their life partner at online platforms because they are so much busy in their work and they can’t go everywhere with the parents to find partner for marriage. Or sometime parents have to hire agents to find a suitable partner for their…

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Common Mistakes during App Development


There’s a lot that goes into running a good app company, so missing some stuff along the way is understandable. But in an organization where every detail counts, it can really cost you sometimes. The dream of every business entrepreneur these days is to craft a good mobile app. But they make some app development common mistakes several times, resulting in poor user experience and eventually leading to application failure. Therefore, companies need to weigh different aspects to come up with an outstanding app that provides consumers with a great…

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6 Features Every Mobile Commerce App should Have


What is Mobile Commerce Application? Mobile commerce is also known as e-commerce or m-commerce. Kevin Duffey coined the m-commerce when the Global Mobile Commerce Forum was introduced in 1997. M-commerce (mobile commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services through wireless handheld devices like mobile phones, and tablets, or even a wearable device It doesn’t require the user to sit on the plugged-in computer and perform the commercial transactions. M-commerce as a form of e-commerce allows users to access online shopping sites without having to use a desktop…

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Difference between Native App and Hybrid App

Day by day, reliance on smartphones is emerging. As a consequence, software developers do not miss any opportunity to create mobile apps for different applications and deliver them to consumers. The mobile app industry is primarily focused on the rapid growth of the IoT market, as it allows more knowledge to be used to refine and enhance the device features used by end-users. About 50 percent of web traffic comes from mobile users, according to a recent report. This suggests that companies have to find ways of gaining smartphone users’…

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How to Make Your App Available Offline


Users want applications to perform, even when they are not online. Offline mode, push notifications and in-app messaging help retains users. If you don’t have an internet connection on your device, downloading or using an app is difficult. Hence, an offline mobile app must be built by your application developers. It’s a rising trend and mobile app developers are taking a lot of interest in creating such apps. The new trending applications for messaging are Telegram, WhatsApp. But although they have a connection to the Internet, users are not able…

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Top Mobile App Development Trends of 2020

Ever since smartphones entered the technology scene, there was no turning back. Everything that happened afterward was beyond anybody’s wildest imaginations. Within a blink, smartphones have become our constant companion. Many technologies made their way into our lives. And the revenue from mobile app development has skyrocketed. Due to these phenomena, more mobile app development trends also started emerging and materializing along the way. Both users and app developers hit the jackpot in this scenario. These trends made our lives simpler in many ways. On the other hand, it also…

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