Top 11 React Native Common Mistakes

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Are you a react native developer? Have you encountered any mistakes during app development? If yes, then this article is dedicated to such react native common mistakes. The success of react-native lies in the contribution of 1.6K active contributors. There is no other way to deny the fact that React Native is a widely accepted phenomenon among developers and entrepreneurs.   When things are accepted widely, it becomes obvious to encounter some errors, bugs, or blunders. It is only possible when the platform is used several times and the team keeps…

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What’s New in Flutter 2.0?


Introduction to Flutter 2.0 Web 3rd March 2021, the day Google has uncovered the much-awaited Flutter 2.0 version. The tech giant has unrolled its landmark launch at the Flutter Engage Event. Google has empowered the cross-platform mobile development SDK into a proper Toolkit. The platform covers more than 2 million users and the number is still counting. But do you know, What’s New in Flutter 2.0? for you? The article is a detailed guide to describe the advances, functionality, costing in developing any app from Flutter 2.0, etc. So come…

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How to Choose the Mobile App Development Platform

Mobile App Development

It is simple to decide to develop a mobile application, but it is extremely important to choose the correct mobile technology platform for your project. You can go with modern cross-platform technology or a responsive web app or with native iOS or Android. Here are some Factors of How to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Platform? While this is a difficult decision, it is not an impossible one. There are benefits and disadvantages to each technology, and a good consultant will help you to consider the trade offs in order…

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