Importance of Machine Learning in Healthcare


Healthcare is an important sector that provides millions of individuals with value-based care while being top income earners for many countries at the same time. Healthcare IT solutions in India have long been an early adopter of technical innovations, and have benefited greatly from them. The advantages of machine learning in healthcare is its ability to process enormous datasets beyond the reach of human capacity, and then efficiently translate the interpretation of that data into clinical insights that help doctors prepare and deliver treatment, eventually leading to improved results, lower…

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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare


Artificial intelligence simplifies the lives of patients, physicians, and managers of hospitals by conducting tasks usually performed by humans, but at a fraction of the cost and in less time. Artificial intelligence enables learning and data from hundreds of thousands of patient cases to be accessed. The healthcare industry is being taken by storm by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is no longer a pie in the sky technology; this is a real tool that can help web application development companies maximize their provision of services, increase the quality of care,…

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6 Common AI Myths Debunked


A few years ago, Artificial Intelligence was not considered a topic of serious discussion outside colleges and universities. But today everyone around us talks about AI and even uses it to solve real-world problems and generate brilliant machines and new businesses. It is considered a new trend and every software and wearable app development company are trying to make the most of it. The growing acceptance of artificial intelligence has created significant hype adding not only great ideas but also in several situations a lot of false promises.  We take…

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What is AI and Machine Learning? An introduction for clinicians

AI And Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence automates human reasoning and problem-solving skills. Ideally, create a machine that mimic human being better to say an ideal human being. Human set rules and logics for machine and machine follows that rules and works upon those logics. Healthcare software has been started using AI since 1970, but recently there have been huge technological advancements in the field of AI such as Machine learning, deep learning, artificial neural networks, natural language processing, chatboats; where machine learn from examples provided in different formats. Machine learning uses the approaches of…

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How Artificial Intelligence can Drive Diversification in every industry

Welcome to our Blog on Artificial Intelligence, here we try to cover the usage of AI in businesses as Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon become heart of every technological system as a system assisted decision making tool. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing important role in cyber security, payments, financial real-time markets prediction, Clinical Trials in biotech, healthcare, marketing, natural language processing, computer vision, and Internet of Things (IoT). Due to large usage of Information Systems in every Industry, users and innovators have only recently captured the attention of AI; the…

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