Benefits of chatbots in the Healthcare Industry


All healthcare providers are always ready to assist their patients and understand how important it is to be available if medical attention is needed urgently. Unfortunately, physicians have little time and a lot of patients that don’t allow them to be available at any time. Here we are discussing the use of chatbot technology in the healthcare industry. In contrast, for those who need medical assistance at all times, chatbots are there. It is necessary to understand the benefits of chatbots in healthcare industry. Chatbots in Healthcare Industry are an…

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Chatbot –Advantages of Artificial Intelligence Chatbot


What are chatbots? Chatbots are conversational that runs on the rules of ML (machine learning), which comes under AI (artificial intelligence). Chatbots carrying out interactions with customers queries and also perform repetitive tasks like solution providing, result from analysis, sends the email, and the list goes on…. There are uncountable cases in which a chatbot can help physicians, nurses, patients or their families. Better organization of patient pathways, medication management, and also help in emergencies, offering a solution for simpler medical issues: these are all possible situations for chatbots to…

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