Why Should Use ASP.NET Development


ASP.NET development enjoys the flexibility of any open source software and that makes it popular among business owners. You can easily add framework components and libraries as per the project requirements and whenever a new version or package is released, there is no need to upgrade the entire framework. There are many good reasons for using ASP.NET when developing a website or app. Here this article will assist you to understand you to Why Should Use ASP.NET Development for web application. You would launch a website, start a digital marketing…

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What’s the difference between .Net Core and .Net Framework


.Net Framework is a software development framework designed and maintained by the tech giant Microsoft. It is Windows-based and primarily runs on Windows devices. It is used for the development of standalone desktop as well as web applications development. The framework provides all the basic requirements for the development of applications – UI, DB connectivity, Services, APIs, etc. .Net Core, on the other hand, is a platform and not a full-fledged framework. Simply put, .Net Core is a subset of the .Net Framework. In more accurate terms, a subset of…

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