Difference between EHR and EMR? | EHR vs EMR


The healthcare IT market is expanding at a sharp rate. The increasing volume of patient data and rapid appeal for active and simple healthcare processes lead to the heavy demand of HCIT Solutions. One such software is EMR and EHR Software. Through this blog you will know what is EMR and EHR, the difference between EMR and EHR (EMR vs EHR). What is EMR Software? EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records, a digital version of the paper charts in the clinician’s office. An EMR contains the medical and treatment history…

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Benefits of EMR and EHR for Healthcare Industry


Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is an electronic form Medical Software of client records and allows clinics to easily track patient data across a health information system. The EMR contains critical patient data such as demographics, vital signs, clinical encounters, labs, screening, and scheduling data. Here we are discussing the benefits of EMR and EHR in healthcare industry. This data is tracked across a health information system such as a hospital to allow for easier follow up and data access to the patient data. This quick and easy can increase the…

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Best Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software in 2019


Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software with acceleration has become a necessity for leading-edge healthcare. This digital record maintenance software, gathers, monitors, and manages patient’s medical record which can only be viewed within one office. In the previous article “What is EMR SOFTWARE?“, we have learned about EMR and its concepts. In this article, we will be discussing the best EMR software available in the market. Let’s discuss them in detail. AdvancedMD EMR Software: It is unified healthcare software which includes EHR, telemedicine, reputation management, practice management, report development; all these…

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