What Is An EDI Development? How Does It Work?

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What is an EDI Development? Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a popular concept among businesses. It offers smooth transfer of information electronically among businesses avoiding documents and paperwork. By implementing an EDI Software, the organization can avoid or eliminate expensive errors in manual transfer or sharing of information. It also saves time which is again valuable in order decision-making.   Currently, the EDI software is highly adopted by companies to share or receive confidential or non-confidential information frequently. In almost all scenarios, these companies are B2B businesses that are frequently interchanging…

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What is EPIC and EMR Integration Challenges


Epic EMR Integration means integrating Epic software with your Healthcare business system to enhance your management and operational experience. Integrated Epic EMR systems are EMR (Electronic Medical Record) or EHR (Electronic Health Record) systems which are a collection of records and information like the medical history of patients, ongoing treatment, and upcoming appointments, etc. in an organized manner. These records have the potential to provide benefits to physicians, clinic practices, and health care organizations. Epic is a cloud-based EHR solution catering to a number of specialities. Here we’ll know What…

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How does the Hospital Information Management System work?


Hospital Management System The hospital management system delivers the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration & control, strict cost control, excellent patient care and enhanced profitability. The hospital management system is designed to manage all aspects of hotel operations in this manner. The HIMS platform allows all health informatics information to be maintained, and it works with small to large hospitals and increases productivity. Hence, this hospital management software covers a wide range of hospital administration and management processes. What Is Hospital Management Software? Hospital management software helps you to…

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How to develop a Telemedicine App


A smartphone is now a part of our routine lifestyle and has become an important part. That’s why the mobile app market is facing tremendous growth. People nowadays are becoming more concerned about their health and they are constantly looking for ease in getting treatment. Telemedicine is the latest trend in the healthcare IT market as well as healthcare industry. Lets discuss how to develop a Telemedicine App, a step by step process of telemedicine app development. What is Telemedicine? Telemedicine is the use of medical information exchanged from one…

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Medical Software Development to Grow Healthcare Delivery


Improving the quality of health services is an important social issue in any country. A wide range of professionals from different spheres are involved in addressing this issue. Information and technological support for all participants of the medical processes (patients, doctors, and authorities) is one of the most effective ways to make medicine more available and enhance people’s quality of life. Therefore, software development for the healthcare industry is among the core competencies of numerous IT firms. Developing a medical software may increase your sufficiency with earning of your clinic.…

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EHR Development: How to create EHR Software?


An electronic health record (EHR) allows the practice to input, remember, and monitor patient data electronically, replacing paper medical records. Yet EHRs are more than mere digital copies of paper documents. Here are the basic and advanced features and functions of EHRs that when implementing, enhancing, or upgrading an EHR, you should keep in mind. EHR system allows access to the patient’s health information. Before starting the EHR Development, Let’s understand how to create an EHR. Essential Functionality in EHR Software Development The features of the EHR framework can be…

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How to Create a Patient-Centric Revenue Cycle


Knowing that it can be advantageous to a patient-centered practice and creating one are two different things. It sounds, technically, like an excellent idea. But there may be disagreement between your leadership and employees about where to start, what to change, and how to go about the process. It can be overwhelming and even detrimental to try and execute an all at once big overhaul of your practice. You will probably have the mechanisms for making smaller improvements that in smaller steps will lead you to a more patient-centered approach.…

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Medical Practice Management Software


With the enlargement of healthcare services, physicians or doctors are often seen using Practice Management System (PMS) as a healthcare utility. This is a suit that deals with routine operations including veterinarians. It allows physicians to capture patient’s statistics, book appointments, keep track of insurance payors, conduct a billion tasks, and generate actual reports. If we take an instance from the US, then PMS is constructed for small to medium-sized healthcare offices. The article is a guide on what is a Medical Practice Management Software? And it’s utility in healthcare…

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Why is Patient-centered care important in Healthcare?


Patient care nowadays is the priority issue, especially in this rolling pandemic. Healthcare since 2019 has served and suffered a lot and still somehow managing to do so. Thus, more influence is triggered on Why is Patient-centered care important in Healthcare? Earlier, the patient did not stick to their healthcare aspect but with the technological ecosystem, patients started acknowledging their health issues and choosing suitable healthcare options. Thus, each of the development companies dealing with healthcare providers started developing patient-based apps with customization.   What is the Patient-Centric Approach? Patient care…

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What Are the Requirements for HIPAA Compliance in Software Development?


HIPAA Compliance is the imperative approach when it comes to online software development. It stands for Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA). Any medical professional who is operating an online business must be aware of this rudimentary document.  The article conveys a brief history of HIPAA, an Overview of HIPAA Compliance, and Tips for the Developers. Any medical practitioner who is planning to operate their business online has to abide by the HIPAA Laws. So why wait for more? Let us get started!  What is HIPAA Compliance? What is…

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