Features of medication apps for patients


Improving adherence to patient medication is a common problem for physicians. Non-adherence to medication costs our health care system $289 billion annually and has a negative impact on patient health. A study found that about 50 percent of patients do not take their drugs as prescribed. You have probably struggled to improve drug adherence as a doctor-your patient fail to take their medication on time or cannot seem to keep their six drugs straight. When basic conditions are not adequately treated or back in the hospital when drug adherence fails…

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A Guide on Medical Application Development

Mobile apps save time, make doctor-patient interactions more successful, and offer hospitals and clinics a reputation as technologically advanced facilities. The Healthcare mobile app market is booming, can support both patients and hospitals.  Here we’ll discuss on a Guide on Medical Application Development. Why do we need a medical mobile app? As mobile apps are of great benefit to all departments and affect every segment of life, they have also shown and proven their great importance in the healthcare sector. As we know, the medical department needs a lot of…

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