Medical Software Development to Grow Healthcare Delivery


Improving the quality of health services is an important social issue in any country. A wide range of professionals from different spheres are involved in addressing this issue. Information and technological support for all participants of the medical processes (patients, doctors, and authorities) is one of the most effective ways to make medicine more available and enhance people’s quality of life. Therefore, software development for the healthcare industry is among the core competencies of numerous IT firms. Developing a medical software may increase your sufficiency with earning of your clinic.…

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Offshore Software Development Trends 2021


IT companies now tend to offer software development projects to other software development companies because of the increased demand for software development, and we call this phenomenon Offshore Software Development. Offshore software development involves moving work to a third-party service provider. We can say that an interested party entrusts an experienced software service provider or an individual with the implementation of a part of the project (or the whole project).  A huge range of tech-related resources can be outsourced mobile app development, web app development, UI / UX design etc.…

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7 Stages of SDLC: Learn About Phases of the Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle

Do you know about Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)? Or do you konw what are the stages of SDLC? Here we are going to discuss about these two questions. What is Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)? SDLC is a process that a software organization follows for a software project. We can even say that it is a series of seven main phases to create software or hardware. This methodology aims to enhance the development process and the quality of the software. Stages of SDLC: Check 7 Phases of the Software…

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Benefits of custom software development for small businesses


Off-shelf software is a bundled software product that is open to a wide audience with distinct, but essentially identical, specifications. Custom software is almost perfectly suited to a business’s specifications. Packaged apps, on the other hand, provides anyone who buys them with the same, more or less personalized features. The new trend in small businesses is custom software. In this article we are discussing the benefits of custom software development for small businesses. Day by day, it is becoming famous and it has the potential to meet very particular business…

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How to Choose Software Development Company

When it comes to ensuring the sustainability of your future project, the right technology stack is just half the fight. It might not be a piece of cake to decide to create a custom software product, but if you are fortunate enough to find a successful custom software development company, then consider completing the software development task. With the assistance of an software development company, you can put your ideas into reality. We will mention a range of helpful tips and suggestions in this article about how to choose software development…

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What Are the Requirements for HIPAA Compliance in Software Development?


HIPAA Compliance is the imperative approach when it comes to online software development. It stands for Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA). Any medical professional who is operating an online business must be aware of this rudimentary document.  The article conveys a brief history of HIPAA, an Overview of HIPAA Compliance, and Tips for the Developers. Any medical practitioner who is planning to operate their business online has to abide by the HIPAA Laws. So why wait for more? Let us get started!  What is HIPAA Compliance? What is…

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How Does an API Work?


In the world of fast pacing technology, many of you have come across the term API. The terms stand for Application Programming Interface. It acts as the term card when it comes to the development process. What is API and How Does an API Work?. You will get to know about the Types, Terminology, Tools, Features, Best Practices, etc. So let us get started!  What is API Development? Application Programming Interface is abbreviated as API. We have heard this term zillion times when it comes to developing an application. API…

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What is System Integration?


System integration, in very general terms, is the method of connecting multiple sub-systems (components) into a single larger system that acts as one. In terms of software solutions, system integration is usually characterized as the process of linking separate IT structures, resources and/or software together to allow all of them to operate together functionally. Their desire to increase the efficiency and consistency of their processes is the key reason for organizations to use system integration. But system integration is not only used to connection the internal processes of an entity,…

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Benefits of Hiring Software Development Company


It can be a brutal process to recruit a software development company, and, frankly, it doesn’t need to be. The popularity of the software industry has grown steadily over the past few years. A software development firm allows you to build and then use your custom-made software to enhance the functioning of your business. Here we are discussing the Benefits of Hiring Software Development Company. Therefore, almost all companies and organizations tend to opt for the services of a good software development company to build their company website and see…

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How to make HIPAA compliant software on AWS?


What does HIPAA Compliant Software mean? How can it be developed? The health industry has decked up with technology and moving towards growth at its 100% pace. A HIPAA Compliant Application means that patient’s data will be under total security standards. This health compliance is also supported by Amazon’s (the tech giant) cloud service i.e. AWS (Amazon Web Services). It is supported by AWS Cloud storage for better security of patient’s data. The article is a guide on How to make HIPAA compliant software on AWS? Simultaneously, the user gets…

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