How to earn ROI with Telepsychiatry


According to the survey done by National Alliance on Mental Illness, it is estimated that almost 46 million Americans deal with mental illness each year, but only 41% get help for it. Shortages of mental health providers have created havoc, meanwhile encouraging many healthcare facilities to deliver mental care by discovering different ways. As more organizations explore telepsychiatry to build on their in-house capabilities, many are finding it can help to boost profitability as well as much-needed care access. By taking a combined approach to telepsychiatry, psychiatrists can deliver patients…

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Telepsychiatry- Mental Healthcare from Distance


Almost every one of us is aware about physical health and its importance. But only few of us are aware about mental health. Our society generally doesn’t talk or avoid talking about mental health but now it’s high time to take mental health seriously and talk about it. In this article we will be discussing about mental health and the emergence of telepsychiatry to deal with mental health. Our physical, psychological and social stability requires mental health. It has an effect on how we think, sound and act. At every…

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